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I Heart Skull-Crusher

Predator (2009)


Cobra Commander

Jennifer Blood: Battle Diary

Machine Girl & the Space Hell Engels

BRZRKR: Bloodlines

Tiago Solan

Van Helsing: Bonded by Blood

PainKiller Jane: Heartbreaker

Crossfire (1976)

Monster Men Isle of Terror

The Gold Chase

The God Child


Barb Wire Movie Special

Charley's War: The Definitive Collection

IDW Originals Sampler

Cliffhanger Comics

Left On Mission

Timber Wolf

Red Raven Comics


Lensman: Galactic Patrol

Happy (2001)


Luke Cage in A Close Shave

Awesome Holiday Special

Dragonlance Chronicles (2006)

Dragonlance Chronicles (2005)

Dragonlance Chronicles (2007)

The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury: Time Runs Out

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force

Judgment Day (2003)

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion

The Warriors: Official Movie Adaptation