Invisible Kingdom Library Edition

Invisible Kingdom Library Edition
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    Invisible Kingdom Library Edition 2022

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    G. Willow Wilson

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The sweeping, multi-Eisner-Award winning and Hugo nominated sci-fi epic is collected in an oversized hardcover edition! This special library edition features every cover, extensive process art section, and the original pitch of this thrilling tour-de-force! In a distant galaxy, acolyte Vess and hardened freighter pilot Grix join forces to expose an inconceivable conspiracy between the most dominant religion and an all-powerful mega-corporation. Suddenly prey in an interstellar chase through the dreaded Junk Rings to The Point of No Return, this unexpected pair is faced with a grave decision: reveal the truth or plunge the world into anarchy. And when the valiant crew of the Sundog is captured by the dangerous Siblings of Rebirth, Vess and Grix must fight to save not only the universe, but also their newfound love—against all odds.

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