Lady Death: Demonic Omens

Lady Death: Demonic Omens
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    Lady Death: Demonic Omens 2024

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    Mike MacLean

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Hellageddon has arrived! After the tragic conclusion of Imperial Requiem, Lady Death returns to “our” earth only to discover two years have passed and unprecedented prosperity has spread across the globe. But soon, this peace is slashed to bloody pieces.A savage demonic cult emerges, bent on chaos and destruction. Now, Lady Death must race against time and battle demonic forces to save a trusted friend from an unspeakable fate. Watching from the shadows, Satanus devises a nefarious plan to dominate the world and bring Lady Death to her knees.Welcome to HELLAGEDDON!Guest starring: La Muerta, Hellwitch, Lady Satanus, and Chaotica!

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