Military Comics #1: Facsimile Edition

Military Comics #1: Facsimile Edition
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    Military Comics #1: Facsimile Edition 2024

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A collection of comics and stories, including -- The Origin of Blackhawk, featuring the titled hero, Blackhawk, in his very first appearance: Warsaw, Poland 1939. The Nazis are massing to rout the Polish Air Force, the only obstacle to their victory over Poland, and are being led by the Nazi commander, Captain von Tepp. However, in his attack, the brother and sister of a lone survivor are killed, and this survivor, later to become known as Blackhawk, vows to hunt down von Tepp and make him pay personally for their deaths! Also, The Origin of Miss America, featuring the first appearance of Miss America: Female reporter Joan Dale visits Bedloe''s Island, the home of the Statue of Liberty. While dozing off on a park bench, Joan wishes she had “the powers that the Statue of Liberty must possess,” in order to do some good in the world. She then falls asleep and dreams that the Statue has spoken to her, and given her magic powers. When Joan wakes up, Joan has indeed been imbued by the famed Statue of Liberty with special powers in order to help the country against her enemies, foreign and domestic, and soon gains her name from a man she saves from an attack by thugs. PLUS: The Blue Tracer, Yankee Eagle, Death Patrol, Q-Boat, and more!!

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