Thunderbolts Red Omnibus

Thunderbolts Red Omnibus
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    Thunderbolts Red Omnibus 2024

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    Superhero - Marvel

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A colorful cast of volatile killers stars in the most shocking Thunderbolts era of all! Venom, Elektra, Deadpool, the Punisher. Forget the courts, the jails, the system — this team of Thunderbolts fights fire with fire, targeting the most dangerous and lethal players in the Marvel Universe with extreme prejudice. Led by General “Thunderbolt” Ross, A.K.A. the Red Hulk, this handpicked squad of likeminded operatives is going to make the world a better place — by painting it red with blood! But will even this crew approve of the team''s newest member: the Red Leader?! The Thunderbolts will face brutal battles against a terror cell of Crimson Dynamos, Thanos'' Black Order and at least one of their own! But will the Ghost Rider put his money on red? Collecting THUNDERBOLTS (2012) #1-32 and THUNDERBOLTS ANNUAL (2013) #1.

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