ZVRC: Zombies Vs. Robots Classic

ZVRC: Zombies Vs. Robots Classic
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    ZVRC: Zombies Vs. Robots Classic 2022

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    Chris Ryall

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The original VS. title is back to reclaim its turf and introduce itself to a new world! Eisner Award-nominated duo CHRIS RYALL & ASHLEY WOOD take control of ZOMBIES VS. ROBOTS and kick off the excitement with a lineup of classic adventures—all packed to the gills with action! Each issue will present an iconic tale and, in this debut issue, readers will be treated to a 26-page “Which Came First?” origin story. And because we love you, each issue will also feature new WOOD covers, a new illustrated intro and outro, and an all-new story, too. Join us for the first time all over again!

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